Being able to understand is the achievement on acting and thinking in a flexible manor. To understand education is to practice facts that were taught or learned with the means of using it flexibly in reality.  

Education is acquired through the means of learning facts and a certain subject in order to get a head of those in the industry. Many people believe that education is the start to any successful career but if one does not understand reality one cannot act on the facts that he/she has learned.   

To understand a topic, we need to grasp the concept of facts related and produce these facts in a flexible way in a reality setting.  We cannot grow without an understanding and in order to understand a topic we need to practice what we have learned.  

Any expert would agree that to achieve this status (of expertise) one needs to gain knowledge through a practical setting in order to gain any understanding on the education provided to them. An expert will gain many practical hours to become the best in their profession and also to truly understand any situation presented to them during the course of their career.  

As a research exercise we went around asking different people what was their perspective on understanding and education. Many came back with an answer of ‘in order to have an understanding one requires a basic education’ but can one fully be educated if there is no understanding?  

Kaydon Co believes in a willingness to have a FULL UNDERSTANDING in order to be successful in any educational platform that one chooses.  

No one can be a complete expert in their field unless they have the willingness and drive to understand their ENTIRE industry. Education can be a beneficial aspect to ones career but unless you have understanding there is no potential for growth for the individual.