Trends change throughout the decades but there is always that one item you look forward to every winter to keep you warm but looking good. Socks as fluffy as bunny rabbit and warm as a polar bear’s hugs, these are the things we look forward to most in the winter. Out come the fleece blankets and massive heated duvets all with goal of keeping yourself cosy during the cold days and nights. As well as keeping warm, winter is the best season for ‘real fashion’. Putting on your best coat and boots, don’t we all love to dress up? Clothes during winter just seem to come out hot a furiously. I love seeing big scarves and woolly beanies of all colours and textures transform a once bare skinned, minimalist fabric-land into a colourful, “warm” and vibrant scenario. Kaydon Co will be sourcing the best quality, locally manufactured beanies, gloves and scarves for you this winter. Look trendy and fashionable as well as keep warm with Kaydon Co’s winter accessories. We will be launching our new ranges this May so stay tuned to our social media pages and website to get the latest Kaydon Co products! Let Kaydon Co keep you warm and stylish this winter! Don’t forget to let us know what you like, email us at and tell us what you look forward to most in the winter.